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Foldable Cardboard Poster Stand

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Foldable Card Board Poster Stand
Foldable Cardboard Poster Stand is an economical table top stand which are die-cut specially, allowing them to be easily folded into poster stands. These cardboard poster stands are stick on the back of the poster, and can be easily made flat without separating the stand and the poster. Thus both the poster and the stand can be easily transported with damaging any of them. These stands are commonly used for flea markets or table top promotion posters, which does not allow space for metal display stands which has to be set-up on the floor. Foldable Cardboard Stands comes in sizes to fit posters as small as A5 size to as large A2 size.
1. Choose Poster Size
2. Choose Poster Finishing
Foamboard Mounting
Foam Board MountingPoster Foam Board Mounting are used to support and protect the printed poster, giving them the ability to stay flat and erected without the support of a wall or a flat surface.
Foamboard Mounting + Framing
Poster FramingPoster Framing or capping is an additional protection tube which wraps around the mounted poster. Framing protects the poster from damaged corners from drops and increase the durability of the lamination thus increasing the poster usage for a longer period.
3. Create Poster Artwork
File Formats: PSD, AI, JPG, PDF
Minimum Resolution: 120 pixels per cm (300dpi)
A5 Artwork Size (14.85cm x 21cm): 1753 pixels x 2480 pixels
A4 Artwork Size (21cm x 29.7cm): 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels
A3 Artwork Size (29.7cm x 42cm): 3508 pixels x 5040 pixels
A2 Artwork Size (42cm x 59.4cm): 5040 pixels x 7128 pixels
Colour Mode: CMYK
** Ensure that your document is the actual size that you want to print, and that the document meets the artwork requirements stated above. If it does not meet the stated requirements, your file may print grainy or pixelated.
4. Pricing
Poster Printing
Poster Size Mounting (5mm Compressed Foamboard) Mounting + Framing
A5 / A4 / A3 $10 $20
A2 $18 $40
Poster Stand
Type Price
Foldable Cardboard Stand (A5) +$2
Foldable Cardboard Stand (A4) +$3
Foldable Cardboard Stand (A3) +$5
Foldable Cardboard Stand (A2) +$10
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