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Flyer PrintingLeaflet Printing with Folds
Looking for quality printed coloured leaflets / flyers for your events? This is the product you are looking for!

Digital Leaflets / Flyers are commonly used as a mass marketing print by many corporate companies. One of the reason is because they are economical choice, and it holds the power to attract the attention needed from its colourful appearance.

These vibrant printed leaflets can also be used as a cheaper alternative to Poster printing, as we are able to print as big as A3 Paper size.

1. Choose Flyer Material
80/100/120gsm Woodfree Paper
128/157gsm Art Paper
2. Choose Number of Printing Sides
Single Side Printing
Double Side Printing
3. Create Flyer Artwork
File Formats: PSD, AI, JPG, PDF
Minimum Resolution: 120 pixels per cm (300dpi)
A5 Artwork Size (14.85cm x 21cm): 1782 pixels x 2520 pixels
A4 Artwork Size (21cm x 29.7cm): 2520 pixels x 3564 pixels
A3 Artwork Size (29.7cm x 42cm): 3564 pixels x 5040 pixels
Colour Mode: CMYK
** Ensure that your document is the actual size that you want to print, and that the document meets the artwork requirements stated above. If it does not meet the stated requirements, your file may print grainy or pixelated.
4. Pricing
Single Side Printing
Quantity A3 A4 A5
100 $1.65/pc $1.10/pc $0.65/pc
300 $1.20/pc $0.85/pc $0.55/pc
400 $1/pc $0.85/pc $0.45/pc
600 $1/pc $0.60/pc $0.45/pc
1200 $1/pc $0.5/pc $0.30/pc
1600 $1/pc $0.5/pc $0.25/pc
Dual Side Printing
Quantity A3 A4 A5
100 $2.40/pc $1.60/pc $0.95/pc
300 $1.65/pc $1.20/pc $0.80/pc
400 $1.35/pc $1.20/pc $0.60/pc
600 $1.35/pc $0.85/pc $0.60/pc
1200 $1.35/pc $0.70/pc $0.45/pc
1600 $1.35/pc $0.7/pc $0.35/pc
5. Send Enquiry

Flyer Material

Size of Print

Number of Printing Sides

Flyer Artwork


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