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Fabric Banner

Fabric Banner
Fabric Banner tends to have lesser fold marks, thus it is commonly used for photo taking during overseas trips or expeditions. A fabric banner is the perfect alternative to a traditional pvc banner for a vibrant backdrop display. These banners have a more exquisite look and feel as compared to pvc banners. Looking for unique banner printing services, a Fabric Banner may just be what you need!
1. Choose Banner Size
200cm x 80cm (Overseas Trip Photo Banner)
300cm x 100cm (Event Banner)
500cm x 200cm (Advertisement Banner)
2. Choose Banner Finishing
Eyelets (Complimentary 8 eyelets) *Additional eyelets, +$1.50/eyelet
EyeletsGrommets are the industry name for the PVC banner eyelets on the edges of PVC banners. They are used to mount PVC banners onto differing surfaces or hang them on poles or structures.
Pole Pockets
Pole PocketsPole pockets are used for the bunting of PVC banners on surfaces or structures. As the poles* will keep the banner stretched evenly across the length of the pole, it will reduce the creases on the mounted banner.

* Poles sold separately, please inquire with us.

3. Create Banner Artwork
File Formats: PSD, AI, JPG, PDF
Minimum Resolution: 60 pixels per cm (150dpi)
200cm x 80cm Artwork Size: 12000 pixels x 4800 pixels
300cm x 100cm Artwork Size: 18000 pixels x 6000 pixels
500cm x 200cm Artwork Size: 30000 pixels x 12000 pixels
Colour Mode: CMYK
** Ensure that your document is the actual size that you want to print, and that the document meets the artwork requirements stated above. If it does not meet the stated requirements, your file may print grainy or pixelated.
4. Pricing
Banner Size Eyelets Pole Pockets
200m x 80cm $130 $135
300cm x 100cm $215 $220
500cm x 200cm $625 $645
Custom Size Please Ask Please Ask
5. Send Enquiry

Banner Size

Banner Finishing

Number of Eyelets (Complimentary 8 Eyelets, if required)

Banner Artwork


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